MGM Grand Casino Opening

Macau, 2007

1,600 VVIP guests were invited to a unique and lavish evening show to celebrate the opening of the MGM Grand Casino of Macau.

 A spectacular giant countdown to this signature show appeared on the building facade, which was transformed into a screen.

 ECA2 worked as artistic and technical producer of this fabulous nighttime multimedia party to create an unforgettable event.

Inside the building, the guests were entertained by international performers, including famous musicians, DJs and VJs, while projections of monumental images transformed the Conservatory—the Casino’s central location—into an ever-changing and fantastic decor. Launched from the building, a firework display brought this unforgettable evening to a dramatic close.

ECA2’s mission: design, project development, artistic and technical production, on-site construction, supply of equipment, artistic management, supervision and operating. Monumental images highlighting the Portuguese architecture of the Conservatory.